I Created My Own Meme Token for $2 With No Coding Skills

Dim Sum (DIU) Token with a 1.35 Billion Hard Cap

Doge, Shiba, Safemoon meme coins seem to be all the rage these days. But with no real utility and use cases they are really just fun coins to own and collect. These tokens have rocketed in price in recent months and if you just want to get in on the action you could realistically lose a fair amount of your hard earned money.

What if instead of buying into expensive existing meme coins with crazy supply limits you could create your own!? And it’s super easy and cheap with no coding required. Now you too can come up with any silly name for a coin, choose the unit supply and mint the token. You will have sole ownership of the coin and can do whatever you want with it.

Shill it on social media, give it to your friends, family or create a Liquidity Pool (LP) and allow anyone to trade for it. Pump it, dump it, rug pull, it’s your choice!

In my case just for fun I created the Dim Sum token with a ticker code of DIU.

  1. Go to https://mint.trustswap.org/ which is a site that lets you make your own custom coin either on Binance Smart Chain or Ethereum. No coding experience is required.
  2. I used the Binance Smart Chain because the gas cost are much cheaper. It came to an equivalent of around $2 in BNB for me. It would be significantly more on the Ethereum chain. Other fields you choose are: Token Name, Symbol, Upload an image, Description.
  3. Set up the tokenomics with details of the supply. I just picked a random 1.3 billion capped supply.
  4. You can add additional features such as transaction fee, minting additional tokens and a burn function.

5. Pay the gas fee via your wallet such as Metamask and you are done!

6. The tokens should now be in your Wallet. You can do whatever you want with them from this point on.

Now that you are the sole beneficiary of a meme coin what should you do with them? Well you can transfer some to friends, create a project and use the token as part of that project.

Or you can do what I did and put some into a Liquidity Pool on sushiswap. This way anyone can come along and trade for it. I wouldn’t recommend anyone buy my token DIU because is worthless and will never be used for anything. Repeat DON’T BUY MY DIM SUM (DIU) TOKEN!

This is what my LP position looks like now on sushiswap.

If you want to check it out you can find it on the BSC network of sushiswap:


The contract is 0xadbd141baa50638aa8bc3b66903f1b2daacda813

And that just goes to show how easy it is to create a Meme token. Now hopefully you won’t fall for any random coin when you can see how easy it is to create.

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