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Dim Sum (DIU) Token with a 1.35 Billion Hard Cap

Doge, Shiba, Safemoon meme coins seem to be all the rage these days. But with no real utility and use cases they are really just fun coins to own and collect. These tokens have rocketed in price in recent months and if you just want to get in on the action you could realistically lose a fair amount of your hard earned money.

What if instead of buying into expensive existing meme coins with crazy supply limits you could create your own!? And it’s super easy and cheap with no…

(Not by lending them out)

Lending Ether out has probably been an easy way to earn some interest on your holdings but there are also other ways you could easily earn a premium by still being long Eth.

Opyn is a DeFi protocol that lets you sell covered calls to earn a premium. I have used centralised and defi lending platforms on my eth but the APY is quite low compared to selling eth calls.

Here is an alternative strategy I have been employing that is quite fun and has been earning me 20%-40% APY.

Steps taken:

  1. Go to and check out the Sell…

How Stable Coins Can Earn You Passive Income

Heard about the insane 20% interest rates some of us are earning on DeFi platforms such as Compound? Got FOMO and want to get in but overwhelmed with all the technical jargon? Well, my friend, you have come to the right place. I am going to outline in layman’s terms exactly step by step what you need to do to get started earning interest.

The article will be broken into 4 sections

  1. DeFi and Stable Coins Definitions
  2. How to Obtain Stable Coins
  3. The Step by Step Process
  4. Risks

1. DeFi and Stable Coin Definitions

Firstly there are 2 concepts you need to understand to start of…

How do you make money as a DApp builder?

You have a great idea for an app and are trying to figure out what the monetisation model is going to look like? What do you do?

Well the traditional ways you would monetise your app would fall into one or more of these 8 categories:


By displaying third party ads.


Promoting others products and earn a commission.


Collect and sell users data from within the platform


Taking a fee from users transactions.


The basic functionality is free but users who want advanced features have…

How does DeFi compare to traditional Banking?

DeFi platforms are quickly becoming one of the most used Dapps in the blockchain ecosystem. The more people discover alternative investment strategies the more popular the DeFi movement will become. The potential for decentralised finance to compete against traditional banks is immense. There are many services that can be disrupted. Hopefully In the future you won’t need a bank to act as the intermediary for all your investment needs. Alternatives are coming, especially for the unbanked.

Facebook and Libra will be facing an uphill battle with regulators as it aims to create its own cryptocurrency to be used within a…

The decentralised finance (DeFi) space in Crypto is quickly evolving with new platforms popping up all the time. Because each platform tend to be independently operated the interest and borrowing rates are different to each other. This presents a good opportunity for keen investors to capitalise on the differences and make some relatively low risk passive interest income.

There is only 1 prerequisite for this and that is you need to hold some crypto asset to use as collateral.

DeFi Vs Centralised Finance platforms

I would like to first point out that we should not be confused and classify all the various lending platforms under…

Compound Finance, DharmaLever, Celsius, BlockFi or Nexo

I have been into with various Crypto Lending platforms for awhile now and thought i’d share some of my thoughts and experiences on each. Some of these are Decentralised Finance (DeFi) platforms while others are not.

If you don’t know what Crypto Lending is about it is essentially a place where you can lend out your Cryptocurrency and earn interest. Cryptocurrencies typically accepted will be Bitcoin, Ether or even Stable Coins. The same platforms allow you to also borrow cryptocurrencies if you have provided collateral. …

Successful investors know that over time it is not a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket. In Cryptocurrency this becomes even more important when we are still in the early stages of the technology. 2018 saw All Time High’s for many coins and then over 90% crashes in prices. Many ICO’s that came out are trading below their ICO price.

When it comes to Cryptocurrency people may just associate Crypto with Bitcoin but there are a wide variety of crypto that differ in their intended use.

If you are involved with Cryptocurrency the approach I take…

Throughout all of this crypto Bear market I have seen numerous so called “experts” give their prediction on the price of Bitcoin.

The chart shows how ridiculously far off these people have been. Nobody can accurately predict the price of Bitcoin and if they try you should just not take that person seriously.

I am at the point now where if a so called expert gives a price prediction they automatically go in my shit talker basket. An expert that gives a price prediction on Bitcoin is IMO not an expert and should be dismissed.

In the current Bitcoin markets…

Wei Ly

Exploring Use Cases for the mass adoption of Blockchain technology. Co Founder of

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